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The School Premises is set in heart of the town Talwandi Sabo.Talwandi Sabo is known as Damdama Sahib - one of the five Takhts of the Sikhs.Damdama Sahib was founded and blessed with "Guru Ki Kashi" by the Tenth Sikh GuruShri Guru Gobind Singh Ji. The Town has today grown into a real Guru Ki Kashi - a self sufficient student-township , where in its serene & balmy surroundings and crystalline air , young minds flourish.

Tagore Public Senior Secondary School , Talwandi Sabo Founded in year 1975 ,is a coeducational institution.It imparts quality eductional institution.It imparts quality eduction to more than 500 students, ranging from age 3 (kindergarten) to age 17 (twelfth grade). The teaching staff consists of 25 trained teachers.Both the teachers and the students are selected from different areas thus provideing an atmosphere of cultural diversity.